BiCon Needs You

At BiCon 2008 we gave a gold star to every person who helped with BiCon in one way or another, from people who moved chairs to session leaders, core members of the team to first aiders, DJs to people who helped proofread our handbook.

By the end of that BiCon over three quarters of the attendees had a gold star.

We really can't stress enough that BiCon is made of volunteers. It's very much something that we run 'by ourselves, for ourselves'. Not everyone can help with the same things, or to the same extent. Some people can help some years and not others. Some people are unable to help except by showing their appreciation of the people who help them. That's all OK. But if you can offer to help, please do – it's a great way to take part in BiCon and meet people, and we couldn't do it without you.

Volunteering at BiCon

You can find more information about general volunteering options and what they entail on our Volunteering Page.

Running sessions at BiCon

Almost all the scheduled sessions during the daytime and evenings are run by BiCon attenders. So if you are interested in running a session and want to know more about that please check out the Sessions Page

Donating to BiCon

While it's not very British to talk about money, nevermind ask for it, BiCon always welcomes donations of money as we are a not-for-profit event and put all money given to us directly back into making BiCon more inclusive, accessible and enjoyable for attenders. If you are interested in donating money to us please see our Donations Page.

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