Sessions are a vital part of BiCon, they can be on any topic relating to bisexuality and some are not related to bisexuality. They can be fun or serious, formal or informal. They are minutes long and for a group of anything from 5-30 people. They can take the form of group discussions, practical activities, talks or classes.

BiCon session schedule & descriptions and facilitator bios

We are now able to release the pre-BiCon Session Schedule [42kB PDF] showing what sessions are in which rooms and when.

Session descriptions and mini biographies of the facilitators can be found on pages 16-32 of the electronic version of the BiCon 2011 Handbook [650Kb PDF].

Both the schedule and the handbook have gone to print and paper copies will be provided to registered attenders at BiCon.

Changes to sessions

Please note we anticipate changes to the sessions up to and during BiCon as there will be inevitable cancellations and more happily additions. If you are unable to run a session as scheduled or want to run something which is not on there please let Natalya know on email address removed

Confirmed sessions for this year include

  • 5 A side Jackanory: Group storytelling session
  • Accounts and Accountability: why money can be interesting, even if it isn't yours
  • Advanced BDSM: for those who are already experienced or familiar with BDSM.
  • Advanced Poly: for people who are familiar with polyamory
  • Advanced Singing Workshop: more advanced singing workshop for more experienced and confident singers
  • Am I Gay, Bi, Straight or what? What is coming out and why come out?: A women only coming out session.
  • BDSM fantasy and reality: discussion session about realities and practicalities of turning BDSM fantasies into reality.
  • BDSM for Beginners: An introduction to BDSM, safety, consent and much much more.
  • BDSM improverts: discussion and show and tell session about how to improvise your own BDSM toys without spending a fortune.
  • Big Bi Appreciation Workshop: Activity session where participants produce a collage about someone they appreciate in relation to bisexuality
  • Being a better ally to women: Mainly aimed at men to discuss and recognise things which are harmful or hurtful to women and ways to avoid perpetuating them.
  • Bi People in SciFi: Group discussion about sci-fi characters who may be bisexual and how that is represented.
  • Big Bi Appreciation Workshop: Activity session where participants produce a collage about someone they appreciate in relation to bisexuality
  • Bis of Colour: safe space discussion session for people who self-identify as "of colour"
  • Body Talk: discussion session about bodies and image
  • Chi Kung (Qi Kong): Gentle and relaxing stretching exercise session
  • Cover Bis Photoshoot:: an opportunity to be photographed as a "cover bi" for bi community news (BCN)
  • Craft: This is what a bisexual looks like: Aim is to represent different images of bi people using craft materials
  • Craftivism: A fun craft based session.
  • Feel and fondle – Safer Sex Supplies:practical session demonstrating why oil and latex condoms shouldn't mix and much much more.
  • Fictional Speed Dating: Popular and fun session aimed at helping people meet one another.
  • Fitting and Misfitting: structured interactive session allowing participants to explore fitting in (or not). We hope to run 3 of these throughout BiCon
  • Fun & Games: Play some silly games and meet new people. We hope to run 2 or 3 of these at BiCon
  • Getting involved in the bi press: how to get involved in bi community news (BCN) and other bi media
  • How to meet new people: Tips and tricks for meeting new people at BiCon and beyond.
  • I can't: Jogging for beginners: an outdoor running activity session.
  • I’m not bi-curious, I’m bi-furious! Channelling anger into activism: practical how to do activism session.
  • Intro to Intersex: talk and discussion session about what intersex is and isn't.
  • Introduction to meditation: Teaching and practical session on how to do meditation
  • Is being bisexual good for your health?: Discussion session about bi people's health
  • It's More Fun to Compute: Discussion about computers. hardware and software which is in use today.
  • Life Drawing: This is what a bisexual looks like: Opportunity to draw one another in a safe and supportive space
  • Lightning Talks: participants can sign up to give 5 minute mini talks on any subject – opportunity to put 'Public speaking for the terrified' skills into practice
  • Massage for relaxation and fun: Practical massage session for people wanting to learn or practice how to massage.
  • Medical Monomania: Bisexuals' Experience of Mental Health Services: discussion session with the aim of providing anonymised feedback to NHS mental health services about bisexuals' experiences.
  • Mixed ability jogging: Practical outdoor jogging session.
  • Modern boardgames: More than Monopoly: Introduction and discussion about modern boardgames.
  • Mono-Poly: life and the single Polyamorist: Discussion about polyamory and being single
  • Monogamy Meetup: Evening discussion and social session for self-identified and practicing monogamists
  • Morning meditation / silent space: early morning sessions for spending in silence and stillness. We hope to run these each morning.
  • Naked Lunch: a popular naturist lunch session held in a secluded private room.
  • The nature of sexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome: A lecture & discussion session about ancient sexualities and modern interpretations of them.
  • The Neurobiology of Sexual Orientation – The Gay Brain: presentation about the neurobiologic nature of sexuality.
  • One size fits all?: Fun session where your feedback is sought about improving bi inclusion in LGBT health centre service provision.
  • Ongoing Bi Research Projects: Session space for academics involved in BiReCon 2012 and the bi survey.
  • Open mic: activity session where participants can come along with a song or poem, or just to listen.
  • Over 40s nice sit down and a cup of tea: evening-meal social session for people aged 40 or over.
  • Pr0n: Discussion about good and bad porn and what makes it good or bad.
  • Practical Androgyny: Talk and discussion about the practicalities of androgyny and non-binary gender
  • Private Sector: Bisexuality In the Workplace: Discussion and talk with practical tips on how to make your workplace positive and welcoming for bi people
  • Public speaking for the terrified: discussion sessions where the facilitator will share his tips and tricks for public speaking
  • Raiders of the Lost Archive: The Blockbuster Sequel: further discussion about archiving our bi history, following on from 2010's session.
  • Safer and Bi-Sexy?: Discussion session with aim of sending feedback to an LGBT centre about inclusivity of bi in sexual health materials
  • Self Care: discussion session with some group exercises to explore how attenders can better care for ourselves and manage the intensity of being at BiCon.
  • Sex education for parents: discussion session about how to deal with sex education for your children
  • Singing Workshop: suitable for beginners no experience needed.
  • Smutty Storytelling: ever popular session where published author of steamy erotic stories reads stories and poems to the audience
  • Software for Activism: discussion session about software any of us can use for activism from open office to Google products and whatever else participants bring.
  • Strap-on Shakespeare: interactive session exploring bisexuality of Shakespeare.
  • Strap-ons for fun: discussion and show and tell about various ways to have fun with strap-ons.
  • Survivors at BiCon a safe non-therapy space for people who have survived abuse
  • Trade Union: Bisexuality in the Workplace: discussion and talk about bi representation and your rights in the workplace and what trade unions are and can do to improve things.
  • Trans and Sexuality – a round table discussion: for trans identified people only making models and discussing trans issues which will be anonymised as part of the facilitator's doctoral research
  • Trans safer space: a safer space discussion session for self-identified trans people

Sessions wanted

All sessions are run by volunteers, usually BiCon attenders. We need people to volunteer sessions, suggestions and ideas to help make them happen. As ever at BiCon the programme is only as good as what is offered by you the attenders.

If you don't want to facilitate on your own, there are some sessions where the facilitator has asked for someone to assist them. They include:

  • Accounts and accountability
  • Am I Gay, Bi, Straight or what? What is coming out and why come out? – (women only)
  • I can't: Jogging for beginners
  • We are still looking for facilitators for the following sessions which have write-ups and content mostly available:

  • Morning Meditation / silent space
  • Diversity 101

Other session topics that we have been asked to provide which you might be interested in facilitating:

  • Activity sessions – we have some running sessions, we would like more physical activities
  • Bi photograph modelling: a session about the tips and tricks for looking comfortable and confident when being photographed
  • Creative sessions – we have some craft and music sessions there is definitely space for more of these.
  • Cuddle Party – safe, non-sexual space based around boundaries and communication.
  • How to meet new people a space to think about tips and tricks for being friendly to and meeting people you didn't previously know whether they're regulars or new to BiCon, shy or outgoing.
  • Non-BDSM or not-necessarily BDSM sex topics. Last year we had 'Vanilla is a flavour'.

Running a session

If you are interested in running a session please email me Natalya at email address removed I can answer queries and even if you don't want to do one alone I may be able to find you someone to work with.

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