Attending scheduled sessions is entirely optional and many people spend much or all of their BiCon socialising or hanging out in different spaces around the venue, and so we are thinking about the spaces we would like to offer you and how we should name and describe them.

As well as our own ideas, we’d love to hear from you about any ideas you think we could include in BiCon spaces – whether you could contribute to making them happen or not…

Some of the ideas we have so far for some or all of BiCon are:

  • Picnic space – an indoor or outdoor place for people to eat. Possibly with a scheduled Sunday lunch time picnic where everyone can bring their left over food to share with everyone before BiCon finishes
  • Craft space – a place where craft materials will be available for people to do and make creative things
  • Exhibition space to share our bi history and help celebrate the 30th birthday of the bi community in the UK
  • Chill-out space – an area which is quieter than the rest of the public BiCon spaces
  • Dancing space every evening with BiCon’s DJs playing a variety of music
  • Games space where there will be board games and opportunities to become involved in playing or watching them be played.

If you want to send us your ideas email Natalya at email address removed

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