Children at BiCon, and Deadlines

This is just a quick heads up to remind people that if we don't get enough interest in running childcare at BiCon, we don't do it automatically. Crèches can be quite expensive and hard to organise, so we need enough notice to do it properly and we need to know it's the right way to spend BiCon's money. So if you are thinking of bringing children to BiCon, let us know now – even if you're not 100% sure.

If we don't hear from parents by 10th July we won't be able to include them in our thinking – and at this stage that would mean that BiCon won't have a crèche this year.

And speaking of deadlines – remember that 8th August is the deadline for booking, and paying for, on site accommodation, so get booking! And if you haven't paid – we need your money!

About Alison

Alison is co-leader of the BiCon 2011 team and in charge of bookings and finance
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3 Responses to Children at BiCon, and Deadlines

  1. Kai D'Argenta says:

    We'll have a seven-month old with us, and would appreciate at least some sort of creche possibility.