We have pans! (And plates! And forks!)

After a certain amount of work, and with a fair bit of smugness, we are now able to announce that flats at this year's BiCon WILL have some kitchen equipment.

The venue has confirmed that each kitchen will be supplied with a basic set of:

Per person
Dinner plate
Side plate
Breakfast bowl
Knife, fork, spoon, teaspoon

Per flat
3 saucepans
Can opener
Fish Slice
Wooden spoon
Slotted spoon
Measuring Jug
Big & little knife

We are really very pleased with this because most BiCon venues don't provide any of this and we were sure until recently that people would have to bring their own or live on takeaway and pot noodles, so we are quite happy to accept thanks, praise and chocolate…

If you are an observant person or a drinker you will have noticed some things the list doesn't contain, including corkscrews, a frying pan or a colander (I'm sure I'm not the only person who finds it hard to drain pasta with a saucepan lid). You are very welcome to bring any additional utensils you feel you might need, as long as you take them away again as otherwise we will be charged for clearing the flats up.

And of course we'll also be charged for any equipment that gets broken or goes missing, so we'll be asking people at BiCon to let us know if that happens.

In the mean time do let your friends know about this so they know not to bring the kitchen sink (sorry). And we'll see you at BiCon!

About Alison

Alison is co-leader of the BiCon 2011 team and in charge of bookings and finance
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5 Responses to We have pans! (And plates! And forks!)

  1. Nickie Roome says:

    Excellent news – well done the team!

  2. xanna says:

    This is great, well done!

    Do you know, will there be teatowels? Dishcloths? Other cleaning supplies?

  3. Natalya says:

    I've just checked the venue info I can access and it doesn't specify.

    I know there is washing up detergent and usually sponges so I'd guess one tea-towel is provided but in my experience even if there is one provided it gets pretty foul by the end of BiCon so it will not hurt to bring an extra one or two if you have the space.

    I'll try and find out if anyone else on the team knows more, and get back to you.

    • xanna says:

      Thank you for quick response! Wash-up liquid would be very handy.

      Will you update the list when you can confirm more? Thanks.

      • Natalya says:

        Hi Xanna,

        Just had a phonecall from the venue this morning to confirm that there will be a dishcloth and a teatowel per kitchen/flat.

        I'd strongly recommend people between them bring a spare as 1 teatowel is going to be horrid after 3-4 days.

        The team are now increasingly offline as we're heading to the venue ourselves today.

        I look forward to seeing you at BiCon.